Building efficient and reliable IoT applications

Different connected objects such as wearables, sensors, vehicles, with different applications determine the presence of heterogeneous networks and require synergies between the different software and hardware components. During the session, the various enabling technologies, networks and platforms available in the various application scenarios will be examined, and reference use cases and best practices will be exposed.



🟢 IoT and strategies: overview and case histories
Pier Mattia Avesani
, CEO, Uqido

What decision-making strategies to implement in the development departments? Which tools to choose? Where to start from? When integrating IoT capabilities into the enterprise, the questions are many. Analyzing the choices of those who have been there before us, can help us to dissolve doubts and uncertainties. Pier Mattia Avesani, illustrates three case studies followed by his company, identifying best practices, difficulties and proposed solutions.

🟢Electronic prototypes and connected objects
Paolo Aliverti, CEO, Fabb – Digital Fabrication Expert
An electronic prototype is an object that allows us to quickly verify the functionality of a product or service. Today it is easy to make complex electronic objects, equipped with sensors and connectivity. We can use classic solutions with PLCs or “customized” objects with open source platforms such as Arduino. Let’s discover the possibilities together by evaluating the pros and cons of various alternatives, technologies and programming methods.


Apr 13 2022


15:30 - 17:00