EDGE Forum by Intel

Andrea Toigo, Sales Manager | EMEA Territory IOT

Providing the portfolio you need to confidently
capitalize on the edge

Edge computing enhances your competitive advantage by increasing efficiency, optimizing revenue, automating processes, and creating opportunities for disruptive solutions and

➡️ Bringing intelligence to new places and integrating demanding new technologieslike 5G, artificial intelligence, and computer vision—into an existing infrastructure is complex.
Success requires seamlessly connecting the edge to the cloud, providing the headroom to
add new capabilities, and building in the flexibility to respond to changing business
challenges and opportunities.

🛠️The Intel portfolio of solutions, tools, and support empowers enterprises in diverse verticals to make strategic evolutionary advancements or even disrupt entire industries.

🤝  Partnering with Intel for IoT and edge-to-cloud computing increases the value of your investments in data operations by enabling AI-driven data analytics, virtual optimization and control, and end-to-end security. Most importantly, partnering with Intel helps ensure that all these solutions, software, and tools that are driving your digital transformation work together seamlessly and scale efficiently


Apr 13 2022


11:30 - 13:00